Monday, December 15, 2014

Little E Rolls Over

I'm so excited.  I long feared that my baby girl wouldn't roll over for some odd reason.  But I have nothing to fear now.

Yesterday Little E rolled over both ways.

This morning I put Little E down on her play mat on her back, as per usual, to go make her bottle.  I find it helps to wake her up in a good way in the mornings if she can play for a bit.  I got back into the room, I was only one doorway away, and I found her on her stomach.  Knowing that she'd roll back soon I grabbed my camera to get some footage.

With J away right now I knew he'd want to see her rolling over as soon as he can get an internet connection again.

I only have footage of her rolling from her stomach to her back but hey it is better than what my folks had of me!


Friday, December 12, 2014

Not the Toughest Job in the Army

A week ago at a play date at the youth services center on post one of the coordinators said to the military spouses present that we have the hardest job in the Army.  I object to that statement; here is why:

  • I am not putting my life on the line.
  • I am not working long hours every day for people that don't appreciate me.  If only two residents in my domicile appreciate me at the least it would be my daughter and my cat.
  • Being a SAHM is not a job.  It is a life choice.
  • No one is requiring that I do daily exercise in order to keep my job.  Again I don't have a job.
  • I don't have to wear a uniform and make sure it is clean and neat.  If my daughter spits up on me no one will chew me a new one for not changing my clothes.
  • I'm not being volun-told to do anything.  I do what I do out of the kindness of my heart.  If I don't do something I won't be written up.
  • The stress I am under is self-imposed due to the decisions that I freely make.
  • I don't have to carry a loaded pack on my back, a rifle, ammo and wear body armor to do my job.  I don't have a job.  And if I even considered for a moment Motherhood as a job I still wouldn't have to dress like my spouse does and carry roughly 100 pounds around all day in the hot sun.
So folks, Army Wives included too, stop saying that military spouses have the hardest job in whatever branch of service your spouse is serving.  No one forced you into your marriage.

Oh and I wasn't one of those women that married into the service and knew what I was getting into.  That is a bunch of crap in my opinion.  All marriages have their difficult moments.  It is how we choose to cope with the situations when they arise that makes all the difference.  I don't know how many times I've been told in response to my situations:  "I could never do that".  Well good because no one asked you to: 
  1. Live in a hotel for 5 months without your spouse
  2. Live alone at a new duty station for a year while your spouse is deployed
  3. Live with a new born while your spouse is away training and you are far from a loved one.
  4. Cope with the death of a parent while spouse is away training.
  5. Sever all contact with a sibling because you pressed charges against them all while spouse is away for training.
  6. In some cases for a few women; give birth to your first born, second or subsequent child while spouse is away for training.
All of the above are results of life choices folks.  It doesn't make me special or any other military spouse special.  We all make sacrifices in our daily lives whether we are married to a service member or civilian.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Decorating

This year I just don't have the space or time to do the normal decorating for Christmas.  Usually I have plenty of time to make yards of paper chains and and dozens of snowflakes.  But because I had to drive home twice with my Dad being so sick and then dying I didn't have the time I normally would have had.  Oh yes and I have a baby too.

But I did find a place for my four foot tree.  It isn't an ideal place but since half of the large dining room table isn't getting used and is shoved up against the wall I thought what the heck it will suit for a month.

So here is the bit of decorating I did.  No outside decorations.

Because of the tree's location and the fact I have a baby now, there are no breakable ornaments on the tree.  I went to a craft store and purchase fifty unbreakable ornaments.  Oh and another reason why I didn't do the paper chains is that the ceiling is just overloaded with texture.  It is so hard to get a staple through it that I was struggling to hang up what I did in the picture.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Five Months Old

Tomorrow Little E will be five months old.  I've no real time to post unless I do so with her on my lap.  What free time I have is usually spent doing house work.  Why so busy these days?  J is away for training.  Ugh!  Gone one week already and I'm wishing I had a maid so that I could get a meal in my stomach.  It is already past 1500 hrs and I've yet to eat.  Though the bathrooms are cleaned, the litter box is cleaned, E has eaten several times and had numerous diaper changes, I'm dressed and washed and her laundry is now in the dryer.  Food is just not a priority for me right now.

Her is a photo of my cute little one.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Mill River Redemption

The Mill River Redemption by Darcie Chan

I can remember when I divorced back in 2002.  Life wasn't easy and that was putting it lightly.  I had to move home with my two cats and all my possessions to a four bedroom house that belonged to my parents.  Oh and my parents were still living in it too.

After being married for eleven years a sudden change in my status as an adult to that of a child, hey I'm not kidding you because when I moved back home I was treated like a child with a curfew, really hurt.  Not only was I losing a spouse, no big loss there, but to lose the respect of one's parents really sucked.

Once again I had to prove myself to the world.  I had to show my parents and the community that I was an adult and should be treated as one even if my living conditions were a bit more than the temporary that I had hoped for.

First I got a job.  Not a great job but a job that helped to pay the majority of the bills I needed to pay.  There was no way my retail income would cover rent and the food bill together.  I swallowed my pride and asked my parents if it was okay if I couldn't pay them rent.  They were okay with that fact as they knew my divorce was costing me every last dime I could scrape together.  I ended up paying out almost five thousand dollars for my divorce. I chuckle every time I think about what I paid considering that I also paid for the marriage license and the first month's rent on our apartment.  What was I thinking to even marry that dirt bag?

With the move home I found I was able to swallow my pride, lick my wounds and fight back for my survival when necessary.  I learned that I was worth a better life.  I wasn't going to allow another man to hit me without them going down too.  Well at least they would go down when the cops would get involved since I'm handicapped and can only fight just so much.

Looking back to that rough period in my life I will never forget how much my parents took care of me.  Even though they were never the best at parenting they did what they could with their adult child to guide her in the right direction so that she, me that is, would have a decent relationship with another man some day.  I guess that is what my hidden inheritance was when I was finally able to uncover it; the knowledge for a lasting love, the love of a parent for their child.

This post was inspired by the novel The Mill River Redemption by Darcie Chan, about two estranged sisters who are forced to work together in order to uncover the hidden inheritance by their mother. Join From Left to Write on December 2nd as we discuss The Mill River Redemption and enter to win a copy of the novel. As a member, I received a copy of the book for review purposes.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends from my little family to yours.  Even with the recent loss of my father I'll be cooking for my spouse and I this year.  Nothing big just the normal turkey meatloaf, cranberry sauce, pecan pie, mashed potatoes, rolls, and green bean casserole.  Maybe next year Little E will be able to sample a bite of it.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Home Again

...and I don't mean at my Mom's house either.

I have to say that I've never been happier to be back at my apartment.  Mom was getting quite cranky yesterday.  Today when I called her I didn't even get the chance to say I love you before she jumped down my throat with, "what do you want!  I'm busy trying to wrap Christmas gifts and get a copy made of the death certificate for Aunt J!".  I did ask why her sister wanted a copy of the death certificate but never got a straight answer out of her.  So I hung up.  I did say bye.

I just can't figure some people out.  I mean I know that I was never the favorite child and I didn't expect to be but sheesh one would think that after what happened last week Monday I would at least rate a bit higher now.  Not even close.  Mom made her statement to the police and did so with the intention of protecting my brother's butt.  She said to me before I left, "you didn't like what I wrote for my statement did you?".  I told her it isn't for me to like or not.  You wrote what you felt you had to in order to protect your own interests whether it was fair or not.

Problem is that she wasn't being truthful on her statement either.  I won't be talking more about it here for a long while.  Wish I could but knowing my brother he'll find a way to censure me or shut down my blog to protect his butt.

Not that he knows that I have a blog but Mom knows I have a blog and I'm sure she'll mention it to him even if she doesn't know the web address.

In other news, I wrapped the last of the Christmas gifts that have to be sent out.  I still need to wrap the gifts for Little E and J.

I still haven't broken down in tears for my Dad yet.

J is due to leave soon.  Maybe I'll break down then?

J is going to hopefully have some time to help me decorate before he leaves.  Hard to do when you have a baby that refuses to nap when needed.

I'll leave you with a photo of J and Little E.  She is such a daddy's girl.