Thursday, April 23, 2015

Need To Get This Off My Chest

Okay so we didn't go to court this week.  It has been postponed until late May.

So the nightmare are continuing.  As soon as the melatonin has worn off, of which it has stopped helping me sleep at even 10 mg a nightly dose, the terrors start.

This morning, after my husband has already left the bedroom, I woke up from a bad dream.  It was horrible.  What woke me up was reaching over and punching the person controlling me in the dream.  In real life I had reached over with my right arm and punched my husband's pillow hard.  Good thing he wasn't sleeping on it!

Yesterday morning I woke up from a bad dream calling out my brother's name.

The day before that was another bad dream.

PTSD really sucks.

I hate being a victim.

Too much bad stuff has happened to me in my life.

Molested at ages 4-8, beaten as a child, mentally abused as child and then as an adult, raped as an adult and then this crap last year with my brother.  Is it any wonder I have bad dreams?

This is the very reason why I refuse to co-sleep with my child....EVER!  If she becomes sick I'll snuggle with her in a chair and I'll stay awake.  I'm good with staying awake. I'm an insomniac that doesn't drink coffee or energy drinks.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Red Cycle

So I guess I can blog about a bit of craziness that is going on here at this installation.  It is always on-going so it really isn't anything new.  But for us it is new because it is the first time my spouse has had to do it.  Last year I was pregnant and we were new to the installation and I guess his company had already done their cycle or something?

It lasts for 30 days no make that 90 days no make that oh hell I don't know how long now because it keeps changing.  Army motto "Adapt and Overcome".  This morning I woke up knowing this:

  1. DH got a call saying his dental was being rescheduled
  2. He called and got it rescheduled at the time he was supposed to actually have been there for the appointed time that had been cancelled.
  3. He was texted that he had the day off of work.
  4. Next text said he had to come into work
  5. Next text said his leave packet was missing a signature line on it. ( Mind you this was after the place had lost his previous packet two weeks ago.  This time he put a tracking number on the packet.)
  6. He has to go to CYSS to register our child.
So no day off.  Not like I even had a chance to make any plans.  I'm still adjusting to the shift change any way.  It is a weird shift.  Eily barely gets to see him but it is better than being deployed.

His packet had better go through for his leave for next week.  We have to be in court in NC next week Wednesday as we are under SUBPEONA.  Yes this is the case where my brother assaulted me using strangulation.

He still just needs an a commander's interview for his schoolhouse packet to leave this place. Unfortunately the commander isn't here.  I really feel bad for the man.  He lost his wife recently.  But there is another person acting in his place and she'll be doing the interview instead.

If all goes well we'll probably be PCSing before this Red Cycle is finished up.

Interesting fact:
Did you know that the gelatin from the pig's bones is used as a carrier for cordite and gunpowder when making bullets?  I wonder if Islamic terrorists know that?  I mean it is cheaper to make your own bullets.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Seasonal Allergies


The whole family is on some sort of allergy medicine.

Eily is on Zyrtec.

DH is on Loratidine and Flonase.

I'm on Flonase.  Wish I could be on a allergy pill.  The meds I take right cause moderate interactions with one another and it might be a little to risky with the blood pressure meds to add in an allergy med.  I'd rather not elevate the risk to high and end up in the hospital just because I'm tired of sneezing and coughing and wheezing.

I dealt with it last year while pregnant I'll just have to deal with it this year too.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ninth Month Peds Visit

Baby E isn't so small now.

She is: 19.8 lbs/ 8.98 kg
            29.2 inches/ 79.168 cm
            17.91 inches head circumference/ 45.5 cm

She has 2 more teeth coming in on the top to add to the 2 she already has on top the doctor noticed.  She already has her bottom 2 as well.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

One Week Away

In just a week E will be 9 months old.

Today her new car seat arrives.  She has outgrown her infant car seat.  We purchased the Britax Advocate Clicktight.  I hope it fits well in our small suv.  We currently have the Britax BSafe infant car seat which takes up a lot of room too so I'm thinking the newer one should fit at least on my side.

E has several words in her vocabulary:
ga-ga and da-da but those are more of a babble that most babies do.

She eats solid foods.  Still is on the bottle of course.  But she does like to try to feed herself with her num num spoon and the feeding spoon plus the finger foods.  She loves peanut butter, veggies, and fruits.

She runs.

She crawls.

She tries to chase after Bugsy but he is still able to out maneuver her.

Top picture was of her teething rash yesterday, today it is mostly gone.  Her top two teeth are visible but not fully descended.  She almost has four teeth now.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Combatives Gone Too Far

Every week my husband's unit does combatives.  I think it is a great way to keep on top of that particular challenge and so does he, but only when there are certain precautions taken since this just practice after all.  Yes, I realize that in the real world that those precautions wouldn't be there but there is not reason why they shouldn't be there if it is practice!

Before the combatives there should be a level 2 instructor present and a medic.  If either of those were there they weren't doing their jobs the other day.  My spouse got hurt not once but twice and did tap out but was ignored during the tap out in the strangle hold.  No one checked his injuries.

The 1stSgt actually told him to not go to sick call for the injury.  I told my spouse he should go get it looked at since he was spitting up blood and swallowing hurt.  I've been strangled.  He had to go to dental anyway since he was due.  They took xrays.  He has soft tissue injuries, chipped tooth, and an abrasions inside his mouth.  Oh and yes no one was instructed to bring mouth guards or wear them before the combatives...probably that is against the rules too I'm guessing.

The dentist gave him biofreeze, motrin, told him to hot pack it when he can and drink warm liquids.  He is having a hard time even talking today since his vocal cords seem to be swollen as well.

I think this is a case of the combatives going a bit far in my opinion.  This wasn't just one guy he went up against but two in the combatives and guys the 1stSgt chose for him that were much bigger and stronger too.

Yes I realize that in the real world you can't pick the guy you are going to have to beat the crap out of but yeah um I think his 1stSgt has something against him. If you've been reading my blog you'll have read that in the past there is something wrong with his chain of command.  DH had to fill in for the 1stSgt the other morning at PT for accountability formation and did good enough that I guess the 1stSgt had to find something else to tear DH up on.

Can't wait to get out of here for DH's sake.